Siding & Gutters


Besides a roof, siding is the most important investment to your home. It is “the shell” that protects everything inside your house from all the harsh New England elements outside. Patriot Roofing is here to serve all of your siding needs. We are highly skilled and trained in new installation and replacement of various kinds of siding for your home or building. We use nothing but high quality products and have many years of install experience to ensure we can give you the best finish product that can be provided. Patriot Roofing always offers free siding and exterior inspections so please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

High performance seamless gutters

Patriot Roofing’s seamless gutters are critical in controlling the water that hits your roof, directing it away from your home. Gutters will prevent water buildup in and around your home and foundation to avoid water damage over time. They are especially important in high rain areas such as New Hampshire, and even more so if your ground level slants towards your house.

We make high quality aluminum 5” K-Style seamless gutters on the spot with our portable gutter machine we bring to each job to ensure an absolute perfect and custom fit every time! Not all homes need gutters however, which is why you should give Patriot Roofing a call to get a free roof and gutter analysis.

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